we will show you the Exact Method to Find, Hire, and Pay a High Quality Affiliate Manager for Your Business So you Can Build and Scale a Profitable Partnership marketing Program.
Amber Spears
Co-Founder East 5th Avenue & Traffic Tribe

Shortcut Your Success

No we're not talking about some black-hat trick that will put money into your bank account overnight. But what we are talking about is helping you to remove all the extra information that doesn't apply directly to your business. Since you have purchased this webinar, you are eligible to receive a free 30-minute strategy call. 

When you jump on a call with us, we can dive into the exact details of your business and layout a clear roadmap to success. There's no credit card required and it's not going to be some high pressure sales call. If we think we can help you, we will let you know. But we're not interested in working with everyone, and sometimes it's not a fit. Our goal is simply to leave you better than when you found us and be the tide to rise all boats in our industry.  

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Hear The Word On The Street
Traffic Tribe has been amazing! As someone who was new to affiliate marketing and launching a new offer, it's a little nerve-wracking making an investment in sales pages, copy, getting an offer ready for "primetime"... you need to be able to get in front of the right people who can help get your offer out there quickly so you can get data and improve. 8 weeks after I launched my very FIRST EVER affiliate offer and presented it to the Traffic Tribe Group we hit $40k in Revenue and had enough data to really get our funnel dialed in. There wasn't a better investment I could have made than being in this group with these awesome people.
- Kevin Ellis, BoneCoach

"I started our affiliate program using what [East 5th Avenue] taught me... Did 1.5 Million year one. And going to do just over 3 Million from our program this year. You are absolutely the best at what you do! Super grateful for you always."

Pedro Mattos, Self Publishing School

"Without a doubt - Amber Spears & East 5th Avenue is pure gold and platinum - she is my go to for all things affiliate marketing. She had helped me transform an idea/dream I had into a mission that has helped millions of people around the world in just a couple of years."

Shivan Sarna, SIBO SOS Summits

" I went through the East 5th Ave Affiliate Marketing training course, was a member of Traffic Tribe, and had the incredible opportunity to be a part of Amber's personal mentorship program. It's hard to put into words the value these have added to my life both personally and professionally. I know without a doubt I wouldn't have the confidence and career growth without this guidance and support.
I've gone from running a 500K affiliate department to a 5M affiliate department and I've had support every step. I have been able to push beyond limits of what I thought I was capable of. Amber and East 5th are without a doubt the BEST at what  they do day in and day out and the Affiliate world is lucky to have you leading us. "

Katie Bankard, Metabolic Living

"You took my guys from total noobs to 10X their numbers and made them Rockstars in the affiliate industry. And after they've moved on to do their own thing. You're still the rock that stays to help groom my new rockstars. Forever grateful for the love, care, coaching and training you've done for my team and me. You're the secret weapon crucial for my business success."

Alvin Huang, Trugenics

"You helped me see things that I couldn’t see because I was too close.

You’ve brought amazing clarity to how I need to look at things, and have been invaluable to my business."

James Klein, Harmonium Health
East 5th Avenue Can Help Your Business
Find New
Affiliate Partners
We help you identify potential partners that actually move the needle and are worth the investment. Our programs show you how to identify, connect, and introduce yourself to better Partnership Marketing deals for every business type, level, and industry. 
Close More
Affiliate Deals, Fast 
Ever email a partner, and they just never respond? It's a common problem in the industry. Some of it, is that partners ARE busy. The other part is that deals need to be compelling. Unlock our strategies to get partners to move on deals faster and how to make sure you're never ignored again. 
Stop Micromanaging Your Team
You don't have the kind of time to be handholding an Affiliate Manager that actually drives results AND get everything else in your busy schedule done. Learn the pay, motivations, metrics, and structure that keeps your team producing results without the micromanagement frustration.
Grow Your Business Revenue & Reach  
Every business says they need more traffic, but what they really need is more leads, customers and sales. Partnership Marketing, when done correctly, scales your business by getting in front of audiences you may not have the opportunity to do so with other platforms.  
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