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 This is NOT your typical "webinar" or "training".

You will have the opportunity to submit your current Affiliate Center assets, and Amber may provide feedback on how to set it up to convert.

She will also break down some of the biggest mistakes we see with Affiliate Centers that prevent your affiliates from mailing for you.

Get Ready to Board the Affiliate Revenue Rocketship! 
In This Affiliate Coaching Masterclass, You'll Discover... 
  • ​The main reasons WHY affiliates are not mailing for you or WHY your affiliate assets are not engaging
  • ​​Exactly HOW to optimize your Affiliate Center to have more affiliates mail for your offer
  • ​How to ensure affiliates TAKE ACTION when you ask them to mail for your offer and how to get them to mail month after month
  • Get the "Affiliate Toolbox" Checklist that will help you navigate the Affiliate World and know the exact skills and tools you need to master to succeed
  • ​How to increase your affiliate revenue by making a few simple adjustments to what you’re already doing – for BIG results
  • What is Affiliate Accelerator and how it can help you to get to the top 1 % of affiliate programs on the market - even minor adjustments make a huge difference
  • ​And So Much More...
Amber Spears
Amber is the co-founder of East 5th Avenue and creator of the Affiliate Accelerator. She's helped companies all over the world build profitable affiliate departments, manage launches and evergreen offers, and optimize sales.
Word on the Street
"Amazing webinar! Thank you so much, super helpful! I am off to update our affiliate portal. 😊"
"Thanks to Affiliate Accelerator, our Affiliate Department went from $100k/month to $2m/month in sales within a year."  
"Since going through Affiliate Accelerator, our affiliate revenue has increased by 15% over last year."
"I have tripled my knowledge and income in one year with Affiliate Accelerator. It is a must for every affiliate program."
Limited to 20 seats only
Reserve Your Seat NOW